Petunia’s Pizzeria – Convenient for Dinner Delivery

AHH – Delivery!

Petunia's Pizzeria, Gasport NY

When you are running late, have had a very busy day and you are really pooped, a nice dinner delivered to your door, hot and fresh is a welcome way to end such a day.

Luckily for us, Petunia’s Pizzeria, 8396 State Street in Gasport delivers! I am a big fan of Petunia’s pizza as the crust is delicious, the wings are meaty and come with carrot sticks and celery and the blue cheese isn’t a substitute for milk – no! It’s thick and creamy.

Call Petunia’s at 772-2210 and ask for home delivery and then relax while you wait for your very delicious dinner to arrive. Check out Petunia’s menu online for what’s for dinner when you are ready to eat but too tired to cook.

Petunia’s Pizzeria
8396 State Street
Gasport, New York 14067
Phone: (716) 772-2210

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