Are They Nuts?

Woodman's Toy Farm, Middleport NY

No, they are not nuts! They just want nuts because they are squirrels. Red, brown, gray and black squirrels from Woodman’s Toy Farm.

You may never have considered a hand knitted squirrel before, but these little guys are so cute you may want to think twice – or even four times – one for each color.

Woodman’s Toy Farm can create homemade hand knitted animals of all kinds, not just rodents with bushy tails. In fact, there have been animals of all colors, shapes and sizes as well as mermaids, pirates, Biblical characters and more made from soft and huggable yarns and Sarah’s knitting needles. These toys are available for purchase and make wonderful gifts for just about anyone.

Got an idea for your own animal? Want to see what else is available from Woodman’s Toy Farm. Call and schedule an appointment of get the dates of our next shows!

Woodman’s Toy FarmĀ
Middleport, NY 14105
Phone: (716) 510-6707

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