Pretty in Pink Cake Pops at Alternative Grounds Caffe For Your Valentine

Cake Pops at the Alternative Grounds Caffe, Middleport NYPink And Ready For Valentine’s Day

This couple of cake pops are a two of the sweet treats waiting for you to pass along to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. It’s coming up so you had better pick up a few of these yummy and moist cake pops at the Alternative Grounds Caffe, 17 Main Street in Middleport.

Cake pops are a bit of cake that has been dipped in frosting and sits on a stick so that it is easy to eat, and to give to someone for a little “I love you” gift.

There are lots of other neat treats at the Alternative Grounds Caffe too, like the chocolate truffles that melt in your mouth. They go great with a nice cup of hot chocolate or for dessert after a warm bowl of soup or a panini.

Stop in and pick up your pops today!

Alternative Grounds Caffe
17 Main Street
Middleport, New York 14105
Phone: (716) 735-7608

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