Woodman’s Toy Farm Continues to Amaze – A Ram Near the Mist

Woodman's Toy Farm, Middleport NY

The things that Sarah can do with some yarn and a pair of knitting needles!

Take a look at this wonderful little ram with some horns to make any other ram jealous. He is soft, cuddly and handmade from Woodman’s Toy Farm. And he’s also for sale!

This ram near the Mist is only one of the endless number of creatures that can be purchased from Woodman’s Toy Farm. There are dogs, cats, hedgehogs, bunnies, mermaids, pirates, horses, cows, chickens, birds galore and so much more!

There are even pet replicas that can be made to order. You supply the photo and the rest comes from the miraculous knitting needles and the yarn of your choice.

You can order animals or storybook characters by talking with Sarah or asking her which show she will be at next. She has a “family album” chocked full of her knitted toys and you can take a look at that to see what may tickle your fancy.

Want to learn more? Just contact Woodman’s Toy Farm and find out how you can get your hands on one of these one-of-a-kind critters for you or for someone you love.

Woodman’s Toy FarmĀ 
Middleport, NY 14105
Phone: (716) 510-6707

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